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Therapy House is a boutique psychology clinic for people of all ages | Family therapy | Adult psychotherapy | Child and adolescent psychology | A range of assessments with children


Emotion regulation and social skills workshop
(for 5- to 12- year- olds)

Emotion regulation skills are necessary for everyone throughout the lifespan. We all experience a range of emotions, all our emotions are functional and important. However, the way we manifest behaviours are sometimes unhealthy. By learning how to regulate our emotions, we will have more functional relationships, and feel healthier internally and externally.


Circle of Security Parenting Program

Parenting can be the most rewarding, yet the most challenging task. Parents can go from loving their children, to being angry at them, or even resenting having them. As a parent, you can experience a range of positive emotions, but also anger, guilt, regret, and shame.


Clay Workshop for Children

We use Clay therapy as a means to help children gain awareness of their unacknowledged emotions. Making Clay figurines is a gentle way for children to portray their negative emotions into something they have created themselves and give them a tool to get in touch, at a deeper and more engaged level, with those unaddressed emotional experiences. This is a powerful tool for anyone to uncover their challenging and suppressed emotions through a safe and positive avenue.


Life in My Growing Body: Self Harm Prevention and Emotion Regulation Skills for Adolescents

Self-harm has become increasingly common among young people, and some reports show that one in five adolescents self-harm sometime before the age of twenty. In earlier years, there is a higher prevalence of self-harm in girls, however, by the time we get to the mid-twenties, the gender ratios equalise, and self-harm is much less common overall.


The Magic of Reading! Early Reading Program for Children

A vast body of research shows that the most important predictor of children’s academic success is their early reading skills. Early reading skills are a huge part of our little people’s development. Unlike learning to talk or walk however, reading is not a skill that we evolved to master without specific instruction and learning.

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