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If you can only do one thing for your children, it should be shared reading

Reading to children is beneficial in many ways. Books offer a unique opportunity for children to become familiar with new vocabulary; the type of words not often used in day-to-day conversation. Books also provide a context for developing knowledge of abstract ideas for children. When an adult reads a book to a child, they often label pictures, talk about activities in the book, solve problems together and teach them new words and concepts.

Diversity in the classroom means children develop differently

The first few years of school are tough for any child. Moving from the relatively unstructured activities of preschool to the formal requirements of school is a big step. Children require high levels of social and emotional support and understanding from the school environment.

More children are starting school depressed and anxious – without help, it will only get worse

Starting school for the first time can be stressful. Children are suddenly thrown into a foreign environment, juggling the pressure of learning new academic skills and establishing relationships with peers. Some thrive, but others may need support through this transition.

Best gift is time reading with your children

Open house interview with Stephen O’Doherty

Six top tips for reading to kids

Open house Interview with Stephen O’Doherty

The importance of shared reading

Interview with Radio Adelaide

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