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Circle of Security Parenting Program – The Gap, Brisbane

The Circle of Security Parenting™ is a program developed from a large body of research in attachment between a child and the primary caregiver. Attachment theory emphasizes the significance of secure bonding between a child and their caregiver. The Circle of Security Parenting™ program uses principals of attachment theory to provide a road map to identifying a child’s needs, promoting secure parent-child bonding.  

Rather than parenting programs that teach techniques or scripts, this evidence-based program considers the uniqueness of each family and their circumstances and aims to strengthen the ‘child-parent’ relationship as the strongest tool in facilitating a child’s developmental needs. ‘Good enough’ parenting is a concept for every parent, because perfection is a myth and trying to achieve perfection can leave parents discouraged and burnt out. This program is about reflecting on who you are as a parent, what you bring to your child-parent interaction, and how to provide security that is the foundation of your child’s development. 

Why might this program be helpful?  

Secure attachment has proven links to a child/person’s future adjustment, self-esteem, well-being and even educational outcomes. This program is completed across the world, and the principals are confidently applicable to neurodivergent parents and children.  

If you feel unsure whether you are a ‘good enough’ parent, you don’t feel you understand your child, or you feel your child is a problem, this program is a great place to start.  


Location: In person – Therapy House Clinic, 1290 Waterworks Rd, The Gap  

Who: The facilitator is Letitia McVey, our Educational and Developmental Psychologist Registrar. She welcomes parents of children 4 months – 12 years old. Registration is for one parent, but discounts may apply if a second partner is booking into the program at the same time.  

Sessions: The program is delivered across 8 sessions (8 weeks) which are 90 minutes in length (all sessions must be attended to receive a completion certificate). We hope to offer a range of weekday, weeknight and weekend options on rotation across the year to facilitate your attendance. 

Group Size: 6-8 individuals accepted into the group.  

There are a lot of advantages in being in a group, however, the program can also be delivered to one or two parents outside of the group setting. This would be to be a separate request and depends on the clinician’s availability.  


Cost: $125 per group session ($1,000 total) for program. This amount is payable to secure a position – please reach out to administration to discuss a payment plan if needed.  

Eligible NDIS participants may be able to use funding for this program – check with your NDIS coordinator for confirmation 

Please also note that Medicare rebates may be applicable if a relevant group therapy referral is received from your GP (rebate up to $32.45 per session).  

Register your interest in our Circle of Security Parenting™ Program by completing the form below

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