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Book for children: Little Koala – Helping children with their fears

Little Koala is the story of a little child who has separation anxiety. Little Koala has a journey of exploring his inner world and his emotions. When he meets his new friends, he learns that his fears are something other children have also experienced. Little Koala then learns to acknowledge and overcome his fears.

This book is suitable as a bedtime story for children, or a nice book to have in the day care centre or kindergarten. The last page has some short tips for parents and educators on how to use the story to help children learn about their own fears and anxieties.

It’s suitable for children who have fears of different things, such as separation from parents, fear of sleeping alone, fear of monsters and more.

Price $25 including GST / Free Shipping to Australia

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Book for therapists: What is going on in my head.

This book is a fantastic therapy material to use with children. Throughout the book, the therapist is guided to help the children learn CBT model and some ACT technique to understand their own emotions and thoughts related to those emotions, and to help them manage their thoughts and emotions better. This 68 pages premium quality printed book can be the most helpful tool for any clinician who works with children. The book is divided in 3 phases of therapy: insight phase, therapy phase and maintenance and is separate into six therapy sessions. Each session has some homework and practices for the child to complete at home on their own or with the help of their parents.

Size: 28cm x 21cm

Paper: Premium heavy paper, with lay flat binding for easier use

Price is $120

Please email the clinic for orders, availability and shipping.

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