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📞 07 3300 2170
📍 1290 Waterworks Rd, The Gap, Brisbane
Therapy House is a boutique psychology clinic for people of all ages | Family therapy | Adult psychotherapy | Child and adolescent psychology | A range of assessments with children

Jobs at Therapy House

We have established Therapy House, after years of working at different small and large institutes, and learning about what makes a workplace pleasant, or otherwise. We have been treated, both kindly, and unkindly by our employers and we have created a list of “to do and not to do” for our Therapy House. We live and work based on our values, in that, work and life are totally intertwined for us – both are according to our values.

Our values are care and compassion and consideration for others. Treating others with respect and supporting them to thrive. This is how we aim to treat our staff, and this is what we expect from them in return.

We have made the most beautiful, sound proof rooms, comfortable for clients and clinicians. Our full-time clinicians can choose their own chair, to make sure they find it comfortable. We also have sit and stand desk and computer devices in all rooms. Our clinic has a sense of style and comfort in every corner. We welcome clinicians who are seeking a workplace that they can call home and are aiming to stay long-term.

We actively seek psychologists at different stages of their career. If you wish to join us now or in the future, please let us know.

If it sounds like we share the same values and you would like to join our team, feel free to send us an inquiry to both these email addresses: and

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