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📍 1290 Waterworks Rd, The Gap, Brisbane
Therapy House is a boutique psychology clinic for people of all ages | Family therapy | Adult psychotherapy | Child and adolescent psychology | A range of assessments with children

Therapy House is a place for all children, and anyone who has once been a child!

Therapy with children and adults

We are trained in using various therapy models for a range of psychological problems for children, adolescents and adults. These include anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, personality disorders, OCD disorders and more. You can see our videos to learn about how therapy with children is different from therapy with adults, the approaches we use, and more similar topics.

Assessment with children

Bringing with us more than 15 years research experience with children, and having a wide range of publications in high quality academic outlets, we are your first stop for comprehensive, evidenced based assessment of children’s neurodevelopmental disorders. We conduct ADHD, ASD, cognitive assessment for giftedness and intellectual impairment and learning disabilities.

Parenting support

Parenting is a joyful, yet a highly demanding task, at its best. Parents always face the dilemma of loving their children, yet finding it hard to cope with all the ups and downs and difficulties of parenting. While nothing may compare to how fulfilled your children make you feel, parents can often also experience feelings of guilt, inadequacy and anger. Parenting support can give you an opportunity to discover and unfold these feelings and enjoy the journey of parenting more and more.

Where quality meets comfort

We have established Therapy House with the aim to provide you with quality services, in a comfortable environment. We are unique not only because of the homely feel of the place, and the style and charm of the place, but also because we have brought together clinicians who have, collectively, more than 50 peer-reviewed academic publications. Most children who enter our place notice that, this is unlike any other place, and they say: “I love this place!”. Equally important to us, we aim to deliver very high quality services to you, by having clinicians who are highly trained and have the personality of a skilful psychologist.

We hope that you can see these in how in reflect in your experience of therapy with Therapy House!

Registered NDIS Provider

Registered NDIS Provider

We are a registered NDIS provider and we have a passion to help individuals with a diverse range of capabilities. You can have plan managed or agency managed funds and we can provide you services under your NDIS Scheme. We can also help you to complete assessments necessary for NDIS applications.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an effective and affordable way to seek help. In a group, the person feels supported by people who have similar problems, and can learn different skills in a more structured and effective way. We are currently conducting several group programs for children, adolescents and adults. Read more about our group programs Click Here.

Therapy House is a boutique psychology clinic for people of all ages. Located in a leafy suburb of Brisbane, our space is purposefully and elegantly designed to make you feel at home. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality services; hence, we have brought together clinicians who have experiences in both research and practice contexts. We are proud to have a clinic which is unique and creates a supportive and safe environment for people of all ages. You can learn about us by watching our videos or reading our publications. Our content is based on years of research and teaching at universities, and are suitable for psychologists or teachers who seek day to day information about therapy with adults and children. You can also purchase one of our books for children or therapists.

Call for an appointment

07 3300 2170

We conduct assessment of children’s neurodevelopmental disorders
(such as ADHD, ASD, Giftedness, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia)

We deliver therapy for children, adolescents and adults for a range of problems such as:

  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Anxiety including panic attacks
  • Stress and work related issues including burn out
  • Lack of work life balance
  • Anger and reactivity problems
  • Relationship issues
  • Phobias
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Couple therapy
  • Adjustment and stage of life challenges
  • Direction and life balance focus
  • Trauma
  • Childhood issues
  • Support after separation, redundancy or retirement
  • Grief and loss
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