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Displays of behaviour that seem out of character or extreme very often stem from intense feelings or emotions. We might not even be aware of these emotions, and if asked, we might feel unable to answer the question, “What are you feeling?” But if we do not understand our emotions, we will find it difficult to regulate them. In this program, we will help children to unpack their emotional experiences by together answering some useful questions such as:

What are emotions?

  • How do emotions manifest in our body?
  • What triggers our emotional responses?
  • How do emotions and thoughts interact?
  • How do we regulate our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours?

Our Emotion Regulation program is based on the evidence-based, well-researched Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Model (CBT), creatively designed by Dr Amelia Shay, and during her work at the University of Cambridge, collaboratively with Cambridge researchers who have more then 20 years of research experiences.

If you are looking for a program to help enhance your child’s social learning, executive functioning, and / or emotional regulation this program is a great fit.

You are not alone, and there is help!

If you have noticed your children struggling to regulate their emotions, you are not alone. This area has been widely researched across the world due to its universal presentation, and because of the benefits that children and adults can gain from learning skills to regulate their emotions and behaviours.

This program draws from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which is one of the most prominent models in psychology. CBT focuses on how our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours interact. This is very important when developing our ability to regulate, as it helps us to slow down and think about what has happened, what we are thinking and feeling, and how we should respond. These are not things we naturally do when we feel big emotions.

Which children is this for?

  • The program is useful for all children and currently we accept 5 to14 years old children
  • It is also beneficial to help with children
    • Who have difficulty regulating emotions with parents, siblings and/or peers
    • The children who get angry, have tantrums, or have anxiety and show extreme emotional responses
    • Their parents are seeking support/tools to manage emotional dysregulation
    • This group is suitable for children without a diagnosis as well as those with a diagnosis e.g. ADHD, ASD, Learning Disability, or behavioural challenges
  • Please note that the group is not suitable for children with high level of behavioural or emotional challenges. You can ask us about suitability of your child.

Managing one’s emotions and regulating behaviour」 are complex and require our children to carry out a desirable action while simultaneously thinking, monitoring, and controlling their behaviour in many ways. These fun lessons are designed to help children understand their different internal emotions, sensory needs, and thinking patterns and to help them develop tools to navigated between different emotional experiences and response.

Weekly Agenda & Learning Topics

  • Week 1: Introduction to the group. What are emotions?
  • Week 2: Understanding triggers, emotions, bodily changes, and reactions.
  • Week 3: Emotional literacy: what is the range of our emotions?
  • Week 4-7: CBT basics: Identifying emotions and thoughts.
  • Weeks 8: Creating a toolbox to use.
  • Week 9: Recap and regulation mapping.
  • Week 10: Saying goodbye.

Clinicians: Letitia McVey, Dr Lisa Wittenhagen

 Current Dates & Schedule 

  • Dates: Upcoming group will start in January 2022
  • Available days and times are:
              • Mondays 5pm and 6pm
              • Tuesday 5pm and 6pm
              • Saturdays 9am, 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2pm and 3:30pm
  • It is not mandatory to attend all ten weeks, but it is highly recommended. Makeup sessions are not available.


  • $100 per session per child (if your child is 7 and above) or $120 for children who are using NDIS support for groups of 4, or $150 if only two children in the group.
  • Full payment is required at the latest two weeks before starting the group. Medicare rebates is not available.

Duration: 10 Weeks (2 additionally groups will be organised for parents to learn how to support their children with emotion regulation)

Small Groups consists of only 2-5 children

Children will be group together based on their age and presentation

Objectives: Learning different skills that help with social skills and emotion-regulation

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