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Parenting can be the most rewarding, yet the most challenging task. Parents can go from loving their children, to being angry at them, or even resenting having them. As a parent, you can experience a range of positive emotions, but also anger, guilt, regret, and shame. If you have had any of these negative experiences, you are not alone! This is a part of being human with all of our emotions. Our emotional brain is the most important part of our survival. What makes us successful parents, is not doing everything right, but it’s about building a secure emotional bond with our children.

Having a secure emotional connection with our developing children is a major part of being a parent. This is referred to as attachment. Rather than being about the time you spend with your child, or the things you do as a parent, attachment is about your response to your child’s needs in a secure and reliable way. We understand that these parent-child bonds do not always form easily or naturally and there are a lot of opposing opinions out there about how to parent.

So, what is Circle of Security?

The Circle of Security parenting program is not about techniques or a list of things you should do daily as a parent. This program is about understanding your child better, exploring their needs, and what meeting those needs means for their security. This program will develop your ability to reflect on who you are as a parent and what you bring (good and ugly) to the dynamic of this complex and rewarding relationship. The program is aimed at practically supporting you to strengthen your connection with your child through a focus on the child’s sense of security.

How do I know if this is a program for me?

If you are a parent of a child 0-12 years old who would like to explore how to build more secure relationships, then this could be the place to start. You don’t have to have all the answers, but if you are willing to share the journey with some other parents, and take the time to reflect on yourself, the growth will follow.

Program Duration: 8 weeks
Group Size: 6-10 parents

Dates & Schedule

  • Please visit later for our upcoming group schedule.


Fees are $100 per session per person (NDIS fees might differ; please check with the clinic)

  • Full payment is required no later than two weeks before starting the group. Medicare rebates are not available.

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