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An important part of my job is to make you feel safe, and understood. I put all efforts in trying to make you feel understood, respected, and heard. However, we are all different and I would like you to help me to understand you better. This survey is designed so that you can give me feedback about your session. You can save this link and use it anytime you like, to give me feedback about your session, or to share with me your general experience of being in therapy at my clinic. You can include your name, or not. Please feel free to give me ANY feedback. Sometimes the best feedback is the hardest one to hear! Am I am all up for it 🙂

When you provide feedback, if comes straight to me as your therapist and I take your feedback or complaint seriously. If you are using NDIS services, you are also able to contact the NDIS Commission at any time. You don’t need to contact me first, if you don’t feel comfortable to do so. My aim is to make you comfortable when receiving services, but if I am not achieving this goal, you have the right to seek help from the NDIS Commission by calling 1800 035 544 or by completing an online form on the NDIS Commission website.

None of the questions are compulsory, please respond to any question that you wish. It generally takes about five minutes to respond to all of the questions.

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