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📍 1290 Waterworks Rd, The Gap, Brisbane
Therapy House is a boutique psychology clinic for people of all ages | Family therapy | Adult psychotherapy | Child and adolescent psychology | A range of assessments with children

Virtual Clinic Assistant

Granny Kimmy is our remote receptionist and administrative assistant. Kimmy brings to the clinic many years of experience within administrative roles in private clinics. She has been involved with the Queensland Children’s Hospital for many years, transcribing reports across a wide range of specialties; as such she has subsequently developed a deeper understanding of many of the problems that parents face in and around difficult behaviours, diagnosed conditions, and treatments they receive. She has a good understanding of mental health problems and family challenges.

As well as having had significant role in medical administration and teaching, Kimmy has experienced motherhood and 「grandmotherhood」, enriching her life journey as an individual. Kimmy is an artist and has been for many years. She has a wealth of knowledge around creating and developing programs and workshops for a wide variety of participants; for children, children with learning differences and behavioural issues, as well as adolescents and adults.

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