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PhD, MPsy, BPsySc.
Developmental Psychologist

Dr Shay obtained her first university degree in psychology in 2001, and since then, in her journey in understanding human behaviour and relationships, she has completed several university qualifications. She holds a Bachelor of Clinical Psychology and Master of Educational Psychology from overseas, and has completed a PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Queensland in 2013. Since 2003, she has been working in private clinics, hospitals and universities as a clinician, lecturer and a researcher. In therapy, she works with children, adolescents and adults. Apart from using different models of therapy with individuals, Dr Amelia is also a trained couple therapist and marriage counsellor. She has completed some training in using Emotionally Focused Therapy Model with families (EFT), Gottman model for couple therapy, and EMDR mode for complex trauma.

She is a public speaker, creative writer and a passionate therapist. You can read some of her published work for parents, or listen to her radio interviews, through our Publications,  Media,  and Videos pages.

Last but not least, Dr Shay is a world recognised and well treasured auntie who is superbly adored and loved by her niece and nephews!

This is what she would like to share about herself:

「My fascination with human relationships started very early on when I was a child. I always enjoyed watching people and thinking to myself, what are they thinking about? Are they parents or couples and how do they relate to each other? This led me to decide to become a psychologist, pursuing an inquisitiveness in understanding human relationships.

The two areas I am fascinated with are couple relationships and parenting. I have observed many couples during more than ten years of practice and I have helped them move through their relationship challenges and create a safer place for each other.

Besides, I have a deep and long-held interest in investigating children’s development, learning and mental health. This passion is reflected in my diverse employment experiences as well as my academic activities, spanning research, teaching and publishing. I have held several university research and teaching positions, as well as having worked in various professional roles within organizations, both small and large.

I welcome working with individuals who have personal psychological problems, as well as parents and couples who face difficulties in their family relationships. Please note that I am not a fully certified EFT, or EMDR therapist」

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