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  • Conditions of Service: 

    Below are some important information that you would need to know before commencing therapy. Please read these carefully and let me know if you have any questions.


    My current fees are $195 per standard session (each session is 50 minutes long). A medicare rebate of $86.15 is available if you bring a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP (leaving you with a Gap fee of 108.85). You might also be able to use your private health insurer support but you need to check with them as each insurer has their own policy. NDIS supported clients are charged $214 per session, as per NDIS approved fees.  Please note that assessments are charged separately, I will discuss the fees with you before sending you any assessments.

    Payment for each session will be required on the day.
    There is Eftpos onsite. If you have a Skype or phone session I can send you an invoice which you can pay by card also.

    Confidentially is an important part of my job and I take it very seriously. It means that what happens during our sessions will be kept confidential and will not be revealed to other persons or agencies without your written consent. The only times I am obliged to provide information would be when mandated by State and Federal statutes or by court order. I am also professionally bound to inform relevant parties about your situation and to take measures to protect your welfare, and/or the immediate welfare of others, where your or their safety is threatened.

    Child's confidentiality

    When you bring your children for psychological services, often you would like to know how your child is progressing though sessions. I am of course willing to give you an update about your child's progress. And If I have any concerns about your child's safety, you are often the first point of contact for me. However, your child's session is still confidential and I won't naturally report to you everything that your child has shared with me. I want children to have a safe space to talk bout things that they wouldn't share with anyone else. However again, your child's safety is a priority to me and I will keep you informed if I feel that anything threatens a child's safety. Of course I will let your child know that I need to talk to his/her parents about such issue.

    Please do not hesitate to ask me either before or during our session(s) if you have any questions regarding confidentiality.

    Record Keeping
    I am required to keep appropriate records of the clients who seek a service from me and our sessionstogether. These records are brief and contain information about your contact details, appointment andbilling history, reasons for presenting, what we talk about/do in our sessions, any reports ordocuments we have received about you from other service providers, and assessments of yourprogress during therapy. The records are kept online on a secure professional practice database for alliedhealth professionals. Currently I don't keep paper copies on file. Please let me know if you have any questions about myrecord keeping.

    Please note that if you are coming to see me under a Mental Health Care Plan referral then I am required by Medicare to send a report back to the referring medical practitioner giving brief details of your contact with my service, the nature of the therapy undertaken, and your progress in relation to the plan.

    Limits of Service
    I am unfortunately unable to provide court-related assessments or reports, or to give legal testimony unless under subpoena. Where a subpoena does require a report or attendance at court and other legal proceedings, the time taken to perform these duties will be charged at my standard hourly rate.

    I am also unable to provide emergency assistance should you experience urgent care. I will endeavour to respond to your phone and email messages as soon as I can but this will not always be immediately, and may be up to one business day later. If you are in emergency circumstances, please contact one of the emergency phone services such as Lifeline (13 11 14), DV Connect (1800 811 811), Mensline (1300 78 99 78), or Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800). You may of course also call 『000』 if the matter is even more urgent.

    Cancellation Policy
    Currently, I am under a high time pressure given that I work at my own private practice only for two days. I do not accept cancellations unless in certain circumstances when unexcepted things happened and you had no way of attending your session. At the time of booking, your booking is confirmed. If you need to change the booking, please give me at least two days notice. Your cancellation might cause full session fees as cancellation fee.

    By completing the information form below, you have acknowledged that you have read and understood all of the information provided. You are welcome to ask me any questions in your session, if anything is unclear.

    You also acknowledged that:

    I understand that if there are legal obligations, Amelia might have to share some information that I have provided confidentially. Under such circumstances, she will first seek legal advice to make sure the request is valid; she will then inform me as soon as possible if she is legally allowed to, and will keep my integrity and wellbeing as her first priority. As such, she will only disclose the information she is obliged to, but not anything more.

  • Child Information

  • Please select last day of the month for you expire date, Example: 31/OCT/2021
  • Parent/Caregiver 1 Information

  • Parent/Caregiver 2 Information

  • Medicare Information

    For Medicare rebates, we need to have more details from the parent/carer, as the claimant. If you wish to claim through Medicare, please add your details below, otherwise you may wish to leave blank.
  • Child Detail

  • Below are some questions that help to understand what has been happening for your child and family. Any information you provide is helpful in providing the service for your family.

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