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A vast body of research shows that the most important predictor of children’s academic success is their early reading skills. Early reading skills are a huge part of our little people’s development. Unlike learning to talk or walk however, reading is not a skill that we evolved to master without specific instruction and learning. Historically, reading was not something everyone did, and thus, our brains have had much less development over time in this area.

What do we know about reading?

Children can exhibit high levels of intelligence and talents in many areas, however struggle to pick up the skills of reading. Whilst the education system continues to develop their teaching approach, the reality is that not all children learn the same way, and not all children can achieve a level of reading that is so readily expected throughout their lives. The important thing is to explore where their struggles lie and what assistance can be provided so the child can build their confidence to engage in learning despite their difficulties. This is however, for most parts, an individualised journey.

Sounds Write Program

The Sounds Write is an evidence-based literacy program focused on early reading and spelling skills. Research has well documented that reading interventions are most effective when they are based on explicit instructional and sequential, where the skills are slowly mastered and built upon in a structured order.  Sounds Write  has proven its effectiveness with reports of more than 1000 children utilising the program, and it is now being taught internationally. This is one of the most internationally recognised programs for teaching children to read.

Our educators are trained in using Sounds Write program to teach children reading skills based on their specific individualised needs.

Who is the program for? 

This program is suitable for all early learners and all parents who would like to know more about how to best coach their children in reading, as well as children who are behind in reading.

Delivery modes

This program can be taught individually to dyads of one child with a parent, or in a group of 4 children with their parent. Children will attend all sessions with their parents because much of the learning will happen with lots of practice at home.

Program Duration

The duration of this program varies based on each child’s individualised need.

Session Length: 60 minutes

Dates & Schedule

  • Please call the clinic to make bookings for an initial assessment session.


  •  Fees are $100 per session per person (NDIS fees might differ; please check with the clinic)

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